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HAPPENINGText: Tomohiro Okada

In contrast to the electric enjoyment, Airbnb showcased their beautiful and sincere brand design by an amazing space. They created a paradise of design by the craft works by young artists curated from all over the world at the historic venue built in the 15 century – it is regarded as the apartment that Leonard da Vinci was living when he was working on the “Last Supper”.

Photo: Tomohiro Okada

The founders of Airbnb were the students of the Rhode Island School of Design. Providing the finest opportunities for young talents was the representation of their background for success and the brand as a provider of creative and comfortable staying experience. Many of the exhibited works were collections that they got to support the artists. Also, the curators and the experts including an executive director of Design Miami, Rodman Patrick, selected works to make the space more attractive. There was the rich environment created by the same generation with the finest design for the space to stay.

Photo: Takumi Ota © nendo

Nendo” based in Tokyo had a long waiting line for their exhibition. They have gained a lot of attentions through their attractive works at the previous Milan Design Weeks. This year, they created the products and installations made by the combination of flames, which added the new flavor to the space. The furniture showed different forms and functions by tracing its parts, and the animations and various models made sense of the traces.

The ultrathin vases placed underwater gave us new visual as if the water was the air with the transparent vegetation by its slow motion of weave. Nendo had expressed their personality by different ways of presentation every year in Milan, however this year, they attracted us more than ever as becoming a highlight of the event for international experts and even for the local people.

The Milan Design Week is getting into the stage, which requires more than just the self- expressions of the corporations and designers. In the century of creativity, the pleasure of design became not only for the particular people but also for everyone. The Milan Design Week now is the field to spread the brands’ presentations that correspond to the “folds” of sense to the world.

Milan Design Week 2017
Date: April 4th – 9th, 2017
Place: Fiera Milano (Main venue)

Text: Tomohiro Okada
Translation: Sayo Kato

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