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HAPPENINGText: Yoshiko Kurata

By adding the expression of flash photography on the space of unknown place and mysterious characters, his paintings became more real to viewers and made them think. The pieces which were exhibited on the other side of Takagi’s works are large paintings of Masanori Ushiki.

 Gasbook Gas As Interface

On your canvas, unique characters are filled up. Do you have anything in mind when you paint the colorful pop characters?

Ushiki: My style is just to paint characters. So, it is important to display them as cool as possible. As shape and fashion, the size is also powerful to make them cool.

 Gasbook Gas As Interface

On the painting of the right side, there’s a familiar situation of a stylish and intimate character is walking with a cellphone. Do you make a story for each unique characters?

Ushiki: I don’t decide any stories. Even if I make a story, I eventually make a piece more simple and abstract because I want viewers to pay attention to the shape, fashion, happenings, and strokes of the character. Just like deciding that he’s a good or bad fighter, or she is a police woman in the future. I don’t think any more than that. Sometimes, it’s cool to see many strong characters. But, if it’s too many, a story is going to be made. So, I intentionally kill that.

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