HAPPENINGText: Alex Hiroki Coles

© Unknown Asia, Osaka 2016

The piece, by Lve Wang (Taiwan) was of a large wall mural. The image was drawn solely using a marker pen, shown in stunning detail, taking up the entire wall and catching the audience’s attention. The idea is the image is of two men wrestling, sharing energy to each other. It is amazing to think it was drawn just with a marker pen due to the level of detail and the size of the image created.

© Unknown Asia, Osaka 2016

The series by Radhinal Indra (Indonesia) focuses on how the moon is depicted, focusing on how we look and imagine the moon to appear, in many different forms and shapes. He did this with many different images of the moon, which was done in a humorous way, giving some crazy ideas of how it can be depicted such as being square and wearing headphones.

© Unknown Asia, Osaka 2016

Another series, which was created by Wei-Hua Lin (Taipei) combined embroidery with images. The idea for which came from her family, especially from her mother, who used to make embroidery. This influenced her to create this work using embroidery, showing her mother’s love and love of family in her work.

© Unknown Asia, Osaka 2016

Virtual reality photographs created by TANJC (Malaysia). These were 360 degree images of several different locations, making it as though the viewer is actually there and experiencing the environment, as if is right in front of their eyes.

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