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PEOPLEText: Aya Shomura

“Type Trip – The New Asian Graphic Design Exhibition”, Exhibition curation in collaboration with OOO Projects, 2014, K11 art space (Hong Kong) / DNP Foundation for Cultural Promotion (Japan)

How and why did you decide the concept and plan it with Tetsuya Goto of OOO Projects?

I first knew Tetsuya Goto when he was in charge of editing Japanese Typography Publication “typographics ti:” and “Type Trip” features to Asian cities in 2011, which he interviewed me at the first time for the Hong Kong section. Then he invited me to join the “Type Trip” exhibition held in ddd gallery in Osaka in 2013. We became very good friend and we toured the “Type Trip” exhibition in Hong Kong in Jan 2014.

In 2015, he invited me again to work with him on the IDEA magazine “YELLOW PAGE” series feature, which was the series of in-depth interviews with Asian designers and social context of the city. We traveled together and became very curious to see the currently happenings in Asia about design and city.

We had a good conversation during the trip of what we should do next after that and meanwhile, we both shared a feeling as being a graphic designer for years, it’s time to do something different from our perspectives. Actually, we came from very different background. He was not just a designer but also writer, editor and curator, while I also involved in editorial works for Chinese design magazine and curated exhibition as well. We found it is meaningful to start collaboration together presented in different form and content such as design talks.

The University of Hong Kong Department of Architecture – Public Lecture Series 2015-2016

Also in Japan, the style of working nomad was appeared in these recent years. How do you think and feel about the situation worldwide? Not only creators, is this natural movement or a half-way of fluid working style?

We both like sharing and in conversation with designers, that’s why we like traveling to different places and meet creative people. The style of working is really different from the past reacted to Internet and social media. Instead of staying at the studio or expanding the team, we want to “mobile” ourselves to do more things actually. That’s how the name “Mobile Talk” came up from my mind.

I am also planning to transform my team into “Mobile Studio”. We can work independently while we can collaborate with my team members for different projects in different places.

POST PiXEL. Animamix Biennale 2015-16

The interesting thing to see for younger generation is very different from the past, what they are looking for nowadays may not be a full-time position for their careers, they might want to have flexibility and satisfaction in life. What you can imagine in Asia, most people will look at your job position, title and salary. While I do believe as a creative person, we probably can try something different. Working mobile may be an alternative for the next step that you can learn and see something new, and refreshing yourself as well.

Mobile Talk 2016 #01 Osaka

What is your aim of the project?

Through “Mobile Talk”, we intend to creative a new form for small-scale sharing and discussion for designers, and “Mobile Paper” would be the creative platform in the future to curate various content and happenings such as related to design. It may be in the form of “Mobile Exhibition” in different cities, or publication or even objects as well.

The first theme of the talk “#independent/#collective” is our response to the concept of “mobility” actually. We are looking forward to see how the speakers react to the theme by their projects and story behind from different cities. We do hope the notion of “#independent/#collective” can be reflected and spread in the talk from Osaka to Hong Kong to Taipei this year.

Finally, please give your message to our readers, especially young creators.

“Acts independently, thinks collectively.”

Mobile Talk 2016 #1 Osaka
Date: July 30th, 2016, 15:00 – 18:00
Place: FLAG studio
Address: 1F, Awaza Rise Tower’s Flag 46, 2-1-37 Enokojima, Nishi, Osaka
Guest speaker: Na Kim (South Korea/Graphic Designer), Ou Ning (China/Curator), Keith Lam (Hong Kong/New Media Artist, Representative of Maker space “LAB)”, Yan You (China/Representative of Independent Photo Publisher “Jiazazhi Press”)
MC: Tetsuya Goto (OOOProjects) *consecutive interpreting
Organized by DECOBOCO
Managed by OOO Projects, Milkxhake
Admission: advance; 4,000 yen / door; 4,500 yen (including snack and 1 drink) *Reservation is required

Text: Aya Shomura

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