PEOPLEText: Bertina Appel

When The Ocean Meets The Sky (2009) Acrylic On Canvas

The other paintings “Untitled” and “When the Ocean Meets the Sky” portray a specific emotional or physical moment in a journey. I also exhibited some plush toys, which were all based on songs. I feel my works focus on the way I interpret the things around me and from how I see and experience them.

Red Bull Music Academy

You also do commercial projects as an “illustrator/conceptual designer” at an ad agency. The work you did for the Red Bull Music Academy was amazing. It’s also quite different from your previous works. How was it received?

Thanks! When you work in a commercial realm, you are expected to change and adapt to the styles that the clients want. We were all really happy with the way the campaign came together. I haven’t really received any feedback on it, but my friends all seemed to like it and that was a bonus. I am really enjoying the work because it is teaching me a thing or two about the design community and, in turn, I am applying my new skills to my own work.

Your other commercial works include the “Sportscene Sneakers with Sole campaign” in which you designed the boxes as well as currently doing designs for “Threadless” T-shirts. Tell us more on those.

The “Sportscene” project was a treat. We were asked to design the boxes, and we had the freedom to do whatever we wanted. In addition, they gave the artists all the credit, which was great. I’ve really enjoyed making and submitting designs to “Threadless”. It is proving quite tricky to get them printed though. There are some amazing designs on the site. It’s very inspiring.

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