HAPPENINGText: Eduard Prats Molner

Craig Swann is on stage in substitution of Adobe. Strange, the main sponsor of the festival was supposed to be talking about “Flash Now and in the Future”. I hope this situation has nothing to do with the Silverlight stand behind me 😉

OFFF 2008
Craig Swann during his presentation

Craig talks about human computer interaction. He remarks that computers can hear and see, referring to built-in microphones and cameras that lots of computers have nowadays. Craig’s work focuses on alternative ways of interaction with the machine, away from “unnatural” devices such as mouses or keyboards. Craig also hacks some hardware devices and make them interact with Flash applications as well.

OFFF 2008
SHAI printed campaign by Agence7Seven

Agence7seven (Fullsix group) is a french advertisement and communication agency behind the porn campaign for the fashion label SHAI. Under the slogan “Don’t be SHAI”, they developed a very successful and controversial campaign based on a set of “very clean” porn films with all possible combinations: man-woman, man-man, woman-woman.

OFFF 2008
Gmunk (right) and Minivegas (left) during the Motion panel

The 2-hour motion panel introduces motion work of Minivegas, Onesize, Gmunk and is moderated by Lucas Elliot from Boolab. Specially interesting is the S4/C live action fromMinivegas, a voice-driven “live” interaction with video with really surprising results. Worth a check!

OFFF 2008
Magnum photos by Group94

Group94 is a small web design company located in Gent, Belgium. Besides a long list of international clients and recognised work; Group94 is also well known for having a sophisticated Flash CMS available to their clients. During their presentation, we can take a look into the work behind projects like Nokia nonstop living and EA Crysis is upon us; and an overview to several of their beautifully executed web productions. Group94’s work is outstanding, and their presentation one of the best this year.

OFFF 2008
Scene of the OFFF 2008 credits

Rob Chiu, Chris Hewitt and Ben Lukas Boysen present the OFFF Lisbon ’08 opening credits. Directors Chiu and Hewitt founded the collective Devoid Of Yesterday together with Ben, who’s dedicated to design and produce the soundtracks of their films. Based in Yorkshire, London and Berlin, they work remotely and collaborate together in several projects. Although the narrative of some of the pieces is excellent; and the quality of animations, illustrations and sound are remarkable; I must admit that I feel a bit tired and saturated of the “Aphex Twin” look-and-feel (and sound!) of some of their pieces. Besides, the extremely loud sound has been a bit irritating in some moments during their presentation.

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