HAPPENINGText: Arisa Kobayashi

At the end of the show, Bernhard Willhelm appeared donning a Japanese fireman uniform. The show contained a lot of gothic elements, but somehow we couldn’t find much of a Japanese atmosphere.

Paris Fashion Week 2008Paris Fashion Week 2008

I thought back to my childhood and how I would be scared to watch the demon who danced on Setsubun day and so I hid behind my parents. The cat faced goblins that were walking towards to us reminded me just of that time and memory. The red line ran on the edge of black dress like the collar of sailor suit. There was also a black and yellow striped jumpsuit which seemed like some Japanese baseball team. The stripe was made with black and white and red, yellow and blue. Models snuck through between the trees and hit the floor twice with a stick, they don’t let your eye take a break. “I CANNOT HEAR YOU, I CANNOT HEAR YOU” -the music stuck to our ears forever and probably it was a message to us from Bernhard Willhelm who gave a completely new fashion show.

Paris Fashion Week 2008Paris Fashion Week 2008

A girl who wears what she loves, and like one of the polka dots on her bag, she wouldn’t know how to get angry. It was these kind of people who were lining in front of security and I have to say, it was funny somehow. The show was so adorable but first I couldn’t find the brochure, but alas- it was hidden under the seat on the catwalk. It was written that “LOVE, OH I AM TALKING ABOUT WHAT? AITO KIBOU OMOSHIROI I LOVE ME…” There was no need to go to museums because the show itself was like pictures of a remixed classic blended with a light rhythm with a beautiful sky drawn by rough brush was the backdrop to some spectacular pop music. And the tights with beautiful gradation were like aurora and are just able to relieve us from any of our bad days. So, you know who finally appeared modestly with black long hair? “I LOVE ME, TSUMORI CHISATO

Paris Fashion Week 2008Paris Fashion Week 2008
Alena Akhmadullina

The Alena Akhmadullina show from Russia was a perfect conclusion to the fashion show. She always proposes eccentric styles every season, so what can we expect for this season? Dresses printed with feathers all over, hair accessory like combs. But wait a minute, are they chickens or models? An impressive fur coat was like an animal suit, the ribbon around hip was down the floor, it seemed like a chicken leg. Also, I’ll add that the shoes helped them actually walk like chickens. Strangely it didn’t look stupid, and in a way it was actually sexy. So let me ask you, would you like to try this chicken-style fashion walk?
Now, all I can say is, I can’t wait for winter, and the next week of fashion shows.

Paris Fashion Week 2008
Date: February 23rd – March 2nd, 2008
Place: City of Paris

Text: Arisa Kobayashi
Translation: Junko Isogawa
Photos: Courtesy of Paris Fashion Week

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