PEOPLEText: Yurie Hatano

In the collection you use leather for the material and use living creature for its shape. How did you get the idea to mix them to create fantastic shaped, beautifully handcrafted, leather-woven handbags? Why did you choose leather as a material? Why did you choose such unique shapes for handbags?

I chose leather because of its exquisite, malleable, naturally beautiful qualities. It offers endless possibilities for manipulation, and as my bags are “creatures” themselves, what better material to create skin, than skin itself?

Lisa Farmer
Holy Mackerel!, 15mm x 15mm, Vegetable tanned leather

You adhere to the material in its use in detail. What is the most important thing for you when creating these bags?

For me, these bags are more like leather sculptures than handbags. It is important to me that they are beautifully designed and immaculately handcrafted.

Lisa Farmer
Fly in the ointment, 20mm x 30mm, Vegetable tanned leather

Each one of the handbags is just like an art object displayed in the gallery, as it is handcrafted so that each piece is original. Do you position yourself as an artist, a product designer, or a fashion designer?

I don’t position myself anymore.

Do you have designers/artists/books/and any other things or people you’ve been influenced by?

I am inspired and influenced by all that I see and experience.

You have been teaching in art/design schools in Italy and the UK. And you have been building your creative career in several countries. What do you think of the current design/art situation in the city where you are (have been) based?

I presently live in Milan. It is a city of enormous potential and little opportunity for young artists and designers. I join and support those few who are working hard to change the present situation.

What’s your next plan in the future?

My plans are to nurture the projects that I have in progress at the moment and keep my mind open to new opportunities.

Lisa Farmer
Address: 4 via procaccini, 20154 Milano
Tel: +39 (0)2 3655 2186

Text: Yurie Hatano

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