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HAPPENINGText: Emanuelis Ryklys

“Antropological Caves”, Robertas Antinis (Vilnius)

Robertas Antinis instalation “Antropological Caves” looks quite strange. Don’t really know I like these water cubes, but still they make special atmosphere. The author is one of the most famous sculptors in Lithunia, who made lots of nice works in public spaces.

Robertas Antinis (Vilnius)

Find a red light inside this specialy made hole in one of the walls of CAC. Why not to try? Also by Robertas Antinis. This one I like.

Ligita Marcinkeviciute (Vilnius)

Impresive, playfull, eclectic artworks by Ligita Marcinkeviciute were quite lovely too. Pencil, needle, thread and everything what you can use from around.

Egle and Romualdas Rakauska (Vilnius)

Black and white pictures but with colourful moments. Very fragile and sensitive. Simple lovely pics by Egle Rakauskaite and her father Romualdas Rakauskas.

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