HAPPENINGText: Jo Phirip

How people related at camping.

Drinks and Snacks (shaved ice), distributed in various places.

Fire. (You will know when you visit there, so I won’t write much about it.)

Everything was cryptic, and I think I should stop for now. When I asked one of the participants “why are you doing such a strange performance?”, the answer was “Just fun”, which somehow made me impressed.

I experienced various things such as engagement with people, nature, and more.
Everyone experiences differently here, but there are many things only this place can offer. I’ve heard so much about this event and expected that I won’t be surprised that much, but I was. I hope the event will continue with much more enchantment and I can come back here in the future again.

Burning Man 2006
Date: August 28th – September 4th, 2006
Place: Desert in Nevada, USA

Text: Jo Phirip
Photos: Jo Phirip

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