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Among the various features of Tour 2005, Musa presented already a new project at ExperimentaDesign2005. The HoleMug is an original mug produced and designed by Musa in partnership with product designers Joao Seco and Jorge Trindade, the distinguishing feature is that although it has no handle you can still hold it and use it for hot liquids without burning yourself.
The concept of the mug revolves around the “hole”, hence “HoleMug”.

1 mug _1 hole_ 15 interventions_ many designers_ different points of view…
A set of 15 one-offs boasts got interventions by Portuguese designers and artists and is meant exclusively for exhibition. The result couldn’t be better, from graffiti to textile, from printed paper to draw an explosion of colors came out at “Hold me” in Bairro Alto, mugs transformed in all kind of figures.

The intervention was performed on an undecorated mug and the artists were free to use what creative and material resources they choose, for example, paper, pens, ceramic, textiles, Gold OldSkool radio, tape (K7), plastic toys, artificial and natural grass, textile toys was used on this interventions.

The HoleMug Project – MUSA COLLECTIVE
Date: 16th September – 30th October, 2005
Place: Loja Hold me
Address: Rua do Norte, n 31, Lisboa

Text: Carlos Matias from Dialectica

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