HAPPENINGText: Carlos Matias

Re-Searcher presented “We are all looking for something new” a collective exhibition of illustration, painting, drawings and video. This exhibition took place in a store called Mousse, situated in Bairro Alto, Lisbon. Full of charm and passion, Mousse is a store where you can find an eclectic selection of objects and works, as well as a design office.

The exhibition assembled 38 artworks from different illustrators and its goal was to present national and international artistic projects promoting illustration and all the artistic parallel fields.

The exhibition showcased the original works, art books, Video installations as well as the exhibition catalogue. The exhibition catalogue was launched at the opening, with DJing and VJing by VideoHouseStars, a Portuguese audio-visual collective.

Artworks by Adriana de Barros (Pt), Andre Lemos (Pt), Andreia Pascoa (Pt), Autumn Whitehurst (U.S.A.), Bela Silva (Pt), Benedita Feijo (Pt), Carlos Quiterio (Pt), David Monteiro (Pt), Daniel Silva (Pt), Filipa Pontes (Pt), Francisco Vidal (Pt), Graca Santos (Pt), Irene Loureiro (Pt), Janice Fried (U.S.A.), Joao Cabaco (Pt), Joao Machado (Pt) John Rowley (UK), Julio Vanzeler (Pt), Juan Carmona (Pt), Leonor Feijo (Pt), Luis Filipe Santos (Pt), Maria Pereira (Pt), Mario Belem (Pt), Margarida Ferraz (Pt), Mark Smolders (NL), Nathan Jurevicius (AU), Nuno Valerio (Pt), Pedro Anjos (Pt), Sara Santos (Pt), Rosa Baptista (Pt), Santi Rodrigues (Es), Simon Hawes (UK), Sofia Goncalves (Pt), Susana Monteiro (Pt), Suzete Azevedo (Pt), Tiago Mestre (Pt), Vera Novais e Pedro Semeano (Pt).

Re-Searcher: We are all looking for something new
Date: June 2nd – 30th, 2005
Place: Mousse
Address: 41/43 Rua das flores, Lisbon

Text: Carlos Matias
Photos: Carlos Matias

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