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That was the catch phrase to this year’s stylish extravaganza, hosted by the Artist Group. Entitled “Event 11“, this year marked the eleventh year of representation for Creative Professionals in the Design, Fashion, Media Arts, Advertising, Public Relations, Entertainment, Commercial & Video Production, Photography, Film, Music, Graphics, Gallery, Club, Retail, Talent and Beauty Industries, so reads the press release. The party proved to be the year’s largest, and will no doubt serve as the conversation piece for the season.

With featured products from the likes of Nienkamper (showcasing their latest and greatest in furniture creations) and Cadillac Fairview’s Collection of original Mies van der Rohe Furniture, reclining in style between bouts of mingling was always a fashionable method of segway. Audi was also on hand, showing off their new model S4, alongside the 2004 model A8L, A4 and the TT Roadster.

Sharp showed up with a slew of Liquid Crystal Technology monitors, featuring a series of 11 short films from Director Jason Ebanks. Allen Chan from Pixel Gallery hosted a digital gallery showing, while Fade to Black showcased cutting edge casting for the commercial and video production industry. Fashion Television was on hand in their open air Media Lounge. Bacardi made sure that everyone was properly hydrated with their new cocktail-inspired flavours of rum, Halpern Enterprises offered their renowned Gosset champagne from France while Sol and Stella Artois provided ice cold beer.

Other names of mention were Jason Jennings of Jenlicon Lighting Design (who created the spectacular lighting show), Pandor Staging (who provided all sets for the lit outdoor dance floor) and installation artists Oliver De La Rama and Andrea Bossence.

At the end of the night, after the ice sculptures, grass fencing, disco-inspired dance floor and incredible outdoor venue, one was left with the wish to see more work. While the work displayed upon atrium walls and large outdoor screens managed to attract crowds of viewers, one was left with the feeling that this was just another shmoozefest, where the accomplishments of noteworthy designers and thinkers were just included for filler, while the crowd moved from social cliq to cliq. True, Nando Costa’s work projected upon marble was, in fact, worthy of discussion. But did anyone take notice between cocktails and potential business deals? As the DJ pounded out party track after track, and the evening wore on, it became apparent what the real reason for a gathering of this scale really was – to have fun and let loose. And this was the perfect venue for just that.

As this was the evening that anniversaries were in vogue (the TD Centre was also celebrating it’s 35 year), the scale and magnitude of such a party became apparent, and just seemed to make sense. Let’s be loud, brash, vocal and party. And party we did. Event 11 experienced a very large turn out, with attendees decked out in their very best. Elegant, sophisticated, and fun-seeking, it was a party that won’t soon be forgotten. Don’t miss the next one.

The Artist Group Event 11
Place: TD Centre Toronto
Address: 847 Adelaide St. West, Toronto, Canada

Text and Photo: Jayson Zaleski from Amoeba Corp

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