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These tables were then handed over to the third team who converted them into “12 Magic Cupboards”. These cupboards hold hidden secrets in hidden places. A trove of concepts and ideas awaits the individual to explore and experience. Design concepts and programs were created in relation to an actual site in “Mumeitoh” [also known as Potong Pasir] where the perception towards social, cultural, psychological issues in the site were addressed. The cupboards were then reprogrammed and converted to the new experiences.

In conjunction with the exhibition, a book documenting these projects was launched. Covering the three phases, the book displays a comprehensive collection of images and thought processes as the participants gain a new outlook and insight.

The world is brand new. This studio taught people to think and to see beyond the banal. Training their eyes and minds to a new level. The exhibition saw a community recreating the city, homes and ideas in a single space like never seen before.

Moving Concepts
Date: June13th – 20th 2003
Place: b gallery. Singapore
Address: 287 River Valley Road, Singapore 238 328

Text: Fann ZJ
Photos: Fann ZJ

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