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Follow the exhibition from Swiss design, IdN invited the Hong Kong local renowned artist Craig Au Yeung Ying Chai, together with SK Lam, the General Manager of IdN, to present the 2nd exhibition of IdN Gallery – 4936 come and mix with craig.

Craig is a dedicated comix artist in Hong Kong. His published comix series includes ‘Outthere’, ‘Love Kills’, ‘Siu Ming’, ‘3721’ and ‘Angels in My Heart’. You can also always find his works in different publications of Hong Kong and other countries, Men’s Non-No in Japan for example.

Although Craig is always famous for his comics, his past fruitful experience shows that his creativity does not limit to this. Craig involved himself in radio broadcast, magazine editorial, art direction, running home concept store and interior design consultant after his graduation. Even now, Craig consistently writes columns for numerous magazines and newspapers in HK, Taiwan and China, such as ‘City Magazine’, ‘MingPao’ in HK; ‘Next’ and ‘Elle’ in Taiwan; ‘City Pictorial’ and ‘Shanghai Weekly’ in China.

You can feel Craig’s fond of word, images and creation in his multi-media playground – ‘4936 come and mix with craig’. You can explore Craig’s creative world through different form of art pieces. As the title shows, 4×9=36, the exhibition is based on the concept of multiply 4 by 1-9. Craig is going to involve you in the installation, comprising of nine parts, to aid you in understanding his creative life.

‘4936 come and mix with craig’ is not only creative, but also human. Why say so? Besides Craig’s twenty-four new characters, you can find that Craig makes use of many necessaries like an alarm clock and toothbrush to develop an installation. You can also find how twenty pieces of Craig’s clothes make up five images. Twenty-eight photos of Gresson Street, where the IdN gallery locates, shows how ordinary but lovely the street is.

Craig has prepared a room for visitors to join the creation too. Craig especially designed a poster and a set of ten postcard-sized comics leaflets for the exhibition. The first nine postcards are comics by Craig while the last one is left for you to complete your own story.

Let’s come and mix with Craig now in his human and creative playground!

Concept by Craig Au Yeung & SK Lam
Date : 21 February – 14 March 2003
Place : IdN Gallery
Address : 5-9 Gresson Street, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Text: CC
Photos and content: Mlee From Shellmoonsite

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