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PEOPLEText: Sachiko Kurashina

What is a recommended point in this DVD?

It must be the motion materials that are attached as a special supplement. It covers many movements of a middle-aged bald man, a middle-aged woman, a child, a student preparing for an examination and a person in a panda suit. This part cost the best in this DVD! Hehehe.

Bob 2002

What do you understand about making people laugh? “Fine” arts are fine but I personally find something congenial in “Funny” arts.

Making people laugh means twisting people’s hearts around your finger. So I think you need to understand “the standard way of thinking” more than necessary.If you could not stay at an “average” point, you could not imagine how peoplefeel something funny. However, guessing the atmosphere around you and “feeling average” throughout your life looks unnatural. As I am making my life with this job, I am gradually getting free from worldliness. So I feel more comfortable when people laugh at me rather than making funny things on purpose. Making people laugh means this sort of level for me. If you find something congenial in something,that is because a creator understands people’s feelings at the standard level.

Please tell us about “GbM”.

GbM” is my T-shirt shop and I design the T-shirts as well. From dyeing T-shirts to embroidering, I do everything as a hobby. I am looking forward to receiving your order.

Please tell us the cover design you made for this issue.

I used one of the special materials in my DVD to create this cover design. “Amiddle aged woman’s uncertain Kazu Dance” is the title of this. “Uncertain” is key and important here. If you remember something only vaguely, covering that uncertain point with your imagination is the only way to overcome trouble.Sometimes that imagination can be something more than a real thing without the aim of “covering” !

The lady in the cover design does not seem to dance better than a real Kazu Dance, though (laugh).

It is nearly end of the year 2002. What do you think about this year if you look back?

Nothing good things happened to me. I think the next year will be worse.

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Let’s turn the world over! Let’s feel as if we turned the world over! Let’s do these things with the white of the eye!

Text: Sachiko Kurashina

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