NIKE 公式オンラインストア



It is one of the most famous digital festivals in Europe. Every year many people from all over the world spend one week in Linz/ Austria to see the longest and largest media festival from the best side. And like every year it is a fantastic mix between and art, technologie, business and entertainment.

After "Next Sex" , another interesting and critical theme was presented "TAKEOVER, who’s doing the art of tomorrow?".
Last year’s theme of sex in the digital world was often verbal attacked but this year stocker wanted attention and so even before it’s opening, the Ars Electronica festival had already been a very popular discussion material.

"If you don’t think this is art, please call this number" was the first thing I have seen and I really got impressed when I saw that almoust at the first day the canvas was totaly painted. Afterwards I went to the electrolobby to get my ticket (Electrolobby resident) and walked along the danube to hear the ‘Klangwolke’. Probably what I have missed at the first weekend was the visualized ‘Klangwolke". I never really enjoyed it before but it has been a big part of the festival and was every time somehow interesting to see.

But never the less there was a real good concert from Senior Coconut. It was rainy and cold but he warmed up the glass pyramid (where the concert was placed) and made people dancing. It was marvellous to hear some Rumba at an electronical festival.

And when we speak about a marvellous concert, it reminds me to the “telesymphony” from golan levin. a concert played entirely with the ring tones of the audience’s cell phones.

On one hand there was the festival and on the other there was the challenge: the famous Prix Ars Electronica.
I liked the festival locations more, because you can see how people have been developing their projects and that was what the organizers wanted to reach. But it would be impossible to list all the great artist which have been there.
This year, the golden nica in the category Net Excellence went to Joshua Davis for Praystation and in the category Net Vision to teamchman for Banja.

The winner in Digital Music was Ryoji Ikeda for his project "Matrix". Carsten Nicolai and Marco Peljhan were the lucky guys which took home the Golden Nica in the category Interactive Art. And last but not least the excellence french "Le Processus" animation from Xavier de l’Hermuzière and Philippe Grammaticopoulos won too. In total, roughly 2,200 works from 62 countries around the world were entered this year in the Prix Ars Electronica.

This years Ars Electronica was somehow disappointing to some people and on the other side for me it was an great experience to work there. I think the problem at the Ars Electronica is, that the expectations are too high. But never the less it is The festvial for digital art with a huge representativ collection which is nowhere over the world as big as in Linz. Like every year, it is the best if you only go there without any expectations and probably it will be a big suprise. But I hope that there will be a new idea in future because if not, the future woun’t be digital.

Ars Electronica
Date: 1 – 6 September 2001
Place: in Linz, Austria

Text: Simon Scheiber from Nuiland
Photos: dja from TeamChman

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