HAPPENINGText: Florian Weber

I also got the chance to see the Eels live this month, I was not 100% sure if that would be a good thing. They are the kinda band which you’ve always heard of, but never heard enough to like or hate them. But damn, that show was quite pricey. I would have been able to buy their CD two times for that ticket. The place is called Markthalle. This one seems to be a popular place for shows here. Its really weird there though. I felt more at a wrestling show than at a music show. Cheap benches were lined up to give you a place to sit and the ground would slowly get lower and lower through little steps.

So there is this girl named Lorri Carson, she was the opener for the Eels. She is the kind which sits on the chair and makes you pinch your eye, to realize if its really not Tori Amos with a guitar there or maybe the good old Alanis Morissette. So it was basically 30 minutes of guitar shredding and extreme. ehm.. singing. Thanks, Lorri..

But then it was time for some real rock action there! The Eels. Hell. They really put you in a all good mood. Their trumpet player wore a Santa Claus costume, just fitting perfect to the drummer’s cowboy outfit. It was nice to see bands which are not afraid of looking like morons. hehe

Some people said that they sound alot of Beck, but Im not sure about that. They are much better and less into the style thing compared to Beck. Plus, they seemed to be amazing musicians. Each of them played at least 3 different instruments and all those were perfect. After they were done with playing, 1 1/2 hours later, I was still not sure if it was worth all the money (and hey, I told you earlier that it really costed alot). But it was definally a great show too..

See you later next month! Your rockgroupie.

Text: Florian Weber

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