Market street is one of SF’s main street, which functions as an intersection of all people who takes a bus and a train, stops at the kiosks to buy a newspaper, gums, etc., and lives on.

A street art event, “Art in Transit” produced by San Francisco Art Commission, has been held on Market Street. Focusing on the relationship between art and the everyday life, Art in Transit program presents the various art works along the street. One of the art works is “Parlor Game, a popular version”, 6 poster-art works by the bay area artists represent the contemporary homeless issues. Threse posters have been shown at 24 kiosks on Market Street. Others are the slide projecting art works titled “The Greeting” and “The Pathway”, which are projected on the underground wall and veiwed from the moving trains in the morning and the evening of the rush hours. Art in Transit program will continue though Feburary, adding more art works, to give people around Market Street a moment to experience “art”.

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Place : San Francisco Art Commission
Tel: 415.252.2586

Text: Mariko Takei for SHIFT FACTORY

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