Motohiko Odani, a 25-year-old new breed in the field of art, is going to hold his first solo exhibition at P-HOUSE in Ebisu, Tokyo. Though he’s just appeared in the scene, he’s said to be a promising artist ever since he has joined an group exhibition held in London and rentgen-kunstraum?? where he showed off his overwhelming potencial for art. Phantom-Limb is a psychological terminology meaning that someone feels pain with limb such as arms and legs, even after he/she’s lost them. The exhibits consist of a series of life-sized portraits, 2000 teeth of sharks, stuffed fox, wolf, swan etc, which represent both evil darkness and innocent fairness of his peculiar world.

Phantom-Limb by Motohiko Odani
Supervisor: Noi Sawaragi
Director: Yuko Yamamoto (Rentgen-Kunstraum)
Date : 24 Oct to 23 Nov 1997
Open 14:30 till 20:00
Close on Mondays
Entrance fee : 500yen
Place : P-HOUSE
Address : 1-29-9, Ebisu-Nishi, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo
Tel : 03-5458-3359

Text: Atsuko Kobayashi from spin!

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