There is a street in the fifth arrondissement of Paris where the spirit of the French artist Marcel Duchamp is still alive. In a private appartement,12 rue de Larrey, takes place an unusual exhibition called “La plaque a Marcel”. A group of Art collectors and Modern Art lovers, known under the name of Ap’Arté, pay tribute to this unique artist that lived for over twenty years in that very same street. Because no offical plate indicates that Duchamp lived rue de Larrey, Ap’Arté asked thirty two artists from all over the world that had been influenced in their work by Duchamp to create a plate in the memory of the master. The results are astonishing. : Pieces of ready made “a la Duchamp”, play on words, photographs and “collages” recreate the fantastic and smart world of Duchamp. A unique way to discover talented young and unknow artists through the celebration of a genius of the twentieth century.

Date : Until the end of September. By appointment only.
Address : Ap’Arté, 12, Rue Larrey 75005 Paris.
Tel : 01 42 17 06 59

Text: Mathieu from Supershibuya

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