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Artist interview with Katsuhiro Saiki.

AZITO is pleased to introduce new artworks by Toshio Shibata.

AZITO interviewed the artist, Katsuhiro Saiki who takes beautiful photographs and restructure them into a new form. Saiki’s “Place” series to AZITO.

Azito News October 11

What is in the video
– What inspired you to create the “Place” seires?
– Why did you begin taking photographs?
– Do you distinguish between photographs you take for your work and your everyday photos?
– What do you value in your work?

Editor’s Note
Saiki answered our question one by one with composure and a strong belief in the possibility of art. This atmosphere can be seen in his works too. His works have a sense of cool posture but as the form of his art is different from what we usually see in our daily life, we sense some intensity from it. Since we included many of his works in the video, hope you will enjoy them too.

All works are available on AZITO.
Watch more videos at Azito Channel on YouTube.

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