HAPPENINGText: Arun Koriech

London-based artist Jorgen Evil Ekvoll is launching on an adventure from his self-built spaceship. Stepping into his studio/craft, the brilliance gives testimony to the amount of effort put into the project. Its pure silver sheen is over whelming. Objects have lost all identity, enfolded into a communal universal existence. Form is all that counts now, and even this is distorted in the layers of foil wrapping.

Evil has made effort to destroy all identity in this environment in order to prevent (making) any judgment or having any influence through the surrounding environment. In reality, he is ostracizing an element of what modern culture holds fundamental and dearly: the need of individual identity, and to differentiate it from one another through possession etc.

This sterile, and im-personal environment is fundamental for what Jorgen Evil defines as his initiation process. It is in this present case of initiation that Evil does not only aim to erase all identity in his environment, but of himself as well. This capsule he has encapsulated himself in, is also his foil covering. He has put a veil between him and society, and for nine days will reach out into the depths of “space”. All contact to the outside world will be completely cut-off for the nine days of this journey.

Much like Attar’s Persian midieval poem “The Conference of Birds” This journey is a journey of discovery, both of self and in social contexts. Each day Jorgen Evil will pose himself with a “state” in which he feels is engraved into Humanity. These eight phases will move in a connected sequence of development, from birth, discovery, doubt, longing, to patience, control, memory and finally awe.

During each of the eight phases Jorgen Evil will reflect his thoughts through keeping a visual and written log on his website. Much like a form of spiritual alchemy, it seems that Evil will remove or isolate (eliminate) all “base” material of the self and surrounding environment to return “initiated” or, in the alchemists case, as “gold”.

It seems his project is embarking on two other elements. Not only is the project visually inspiring and playfully metaphoric, it’s concept and development of phases is mystical, poetic, and well researched and will definitely be a challenge for Jorgen Evil to accomplish.

One will be able to view the nine-day journeys progress over the Internet. A number of cameras will be permanently streaming live from his vessel.

Text: Arun Koriech
Photos: Arun Koriech

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