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HAPPENINGText: Jerome Lacote

Bathers in Wave Pool, Orlando, FL, 1999 © Alex MacLean

I visited the venue of the photography exhibition titled “Americaland” with my friends Kantin and Mat. It was organised in the spacious office of the BETC Euro RSCG international advertising agency.

Dinghies Clustered Around Dock, Duxbury, MA, 1995 © Alex MacLean

After a long waiting in the queue due to the crowd of visitors, I discovered the Alex MacLean aerial photographies. Photographies were projected on each sides of screens disposed in the middle of a room with a sand covered ground. This aerial photographies seems like abstract paint. Exhibition was designed to feel like the photographer discovering the amazing top view aboard his Cessna 182, in USA.

Concrete Go-Cart Track, Philadelphia, PA, 1985 © Alex MacLean

These photographies are not only aesthetic, but they also show how the human construction reveal the world where we live. They evince how big towns, new spaces like parkings, supermarkets,..etc are inept for individual enjoyment and how these new spaces eliminate public spaces and so exclude community relationship.

Alex MacLean “Americaland”
Date: March 12th – April 27th, 2003
Open: 11:00 – 19:00
Place: Passage du Désir
Address: 85-87 rue du Faubourg-Saint-Martin, 75010 Paris

Text: Jerome Lacote
Photos: Jerome Lacote

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