HAPPENINGText: Kanya Niijima

Antenna Theater, a Sausalito-based creative unit launches “Euphorium,” a three dimensional interactive space of hallucinogenic mind exploration. With multi-sensory visual and audio technologies a converted warehouse in Presidio, near Golden Gate Bridge, becomes a 3000 square foot “walk-through” theater based on the 1800’s poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s opium-inspired creation “Kubla Khan”.

Far from ordinary theaters, Antenna’s experimental approach pushes the limit of theatrical creativity, intentionally blurring the boundary of two major space factors of performing arts, the stage and the seats. As their own descriptive term “Walkmanology” suggests, Euphorium frees the audience from a static environment, the seats, requiring them to explore its maze-like space, ensuring they establish personal, unique experiences.

Each individual is provided a specially crafted helmet at the entrance, and permitted to enter Euphorium in two minute intervals. As the audience moves through a series of dark chambers illuminated by illusory images, the helmet creates the visual effect of the surrounding images floating before his/her eyes. Kaleidoscopic, these chimerical images of the poem’s visual interpretations begin to twist, reshape, and dissolve, depending on the viewer’s location and movements.

The provided headphones, connected to a digital audio player, output audio images of the poem’s fragments, voices, and atmospheric effects. Each chamber has its unique set of soundscapes. As the audience enters a new room, an infrared beacon triggers the player to transmit various sound narratives. The result is a multi-layered psychedelic journey of the poet’s fantasia. It is a thirty-minute experience that pleasantly paralyzes reality and evokes a dream-like dimension. Very San Francisco.

Euphor!um by Antenna Theater
Date: February 16ht – March 25th, 2001
Place: Presidio of San Francisco
Tel: +1 415 332 8867

Text: Kanya Niijima

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