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Upon reaching the door and following the stairs of the Zenkichi Berlin be expected to immerse yourself in a marvellous wonderland一度ゼンキチ・ベルリンのドアの前に立ってしまうと、そのまま階段へと引き込まれ、この不思議な世界へ身を委ねてしまうに違いないゼンキチは、ワタナベモトコとシャウル・マーグリーズの若い2人がニューヨークに住んでいた頃に始めた日本食レストラン。現在はベルリンに移り住み、続く2軒目をオープンさせた。2人にとって日本の食文化はとても大切なもの。だからこそゼンキチを更に展開していくことを決めたのだ。




Zenkichi Berlin Modern Japanese Brasserie
住所:Johannisstrasse 20, 10117 Berlin
TEL:+49 30 2463 0810

Text: Celeste Najt
Translation: Satsuki Miyanishi
. Zenkichi is a Japanese brasserie, the second restaurant by Motoko Watanabe and Shaul Margulies, a young couple that used to live in New York, where the first Zenkichi was opened. They are currently living in Berlin and for both of them, the Japanese culinary culture is very important, that is why they decided to expand it through Zenkichi.

“After each visit to Tokyo, Motoko and I missed the delicious food so we decided to open our own restaurant”, explains Shaul. His wife Motoko is the creative mind behind the restaurant and is responsible for all interior design, and also decides upon the menu with the head chef. “Some Japanese ingredients, flavors and preparations are uncommon and rarely seen in the West. We found that most of our diners are eager to have a new culinary experience and enjoy the so-called ‘acquired taste’ as it challenges the taste buds”, explains Motoko, who is also a Sake sommelier. Along with her passion, Motoko would like to bring the widest selection of premium sake to Berlin.

The dinner experience at Zenkichi is superb. The Tokyo-style interior is like a travel experience of its own, not only with your palate, but which includes all of your senses. There are 35 semi-private booth tables of varying sizes with space for two, four, six or more guests. The subdued lighting and organic material establish the intimate atmosphere composed of dark stained wood, bamboo sticks, granite paving and black pebbles. Those who desire more privacy can pull the bamboo blinds down and use the bell to call for service. Instead of a large room with many tables, the owners explain that; “The Japanese like to concentrate on their food and their company”, which is reflected in their distinct seating concept.

The small plate – à la Carte- dishes are for sharing and pairing with Sake and priced between 5 and 25 Euros. There are two tasting menus: Omakase – the Chef’s Tasting menu, and for those with in-depth knowledge of Japanese cuisine- the Connoisseur Tasting menu.

Zenkichi Berlin Modern Japanese Brasserie
Address: Johannisstrasse 20, 10117 Berlin
Opening Hours: 18:00 – 23:00
Closed on Sunday and Monday
Tel: +49 30 2463 0810

Text: Celeste Najt

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