• Yuya Fujinami

    藤波佑也Yuya Fujinami

    Photo: © Ari Matsuoka

    Why do we forget old memories? I remember when I was reading a book, I forgot my life. That’s why we try to keep memories that we don’t want to forget as photographs, entrust them to letters, or use our five senses to remember them.
    Yuya Fujinami, based in Berlin, is a freelance contemporary dancer. He dances as if he was filling a page in his body, connecting his childhood mysterious experiences and memories in his early childhood.

  • Melanie Kanior

    メラニー・カニオールMelanie Kanior

    Melanie Kanior

    Melanie Kanior is a fresh artist and designer, born in a train between Poland and Germany. She makes a kind of unique fashion pieces, painting on silk. Melanie has been living in Berlin for 29 yearsメラニー・カニオールはポーランドとドイツの間を走る電車の中で生まれた。新人アーティストでありデザイナーである彼女は、シルクにペイントするユニークなファッションアイテムを作っている。29年間ベルリン在住で

  • Jenne Grabowski

    ヤンヌ・グラボウスキーJenne Grabowski

    © Jenne Grabowski

    Jenne Grabowski has been living in Berlin since 15 years ago. He knows how to enjoy the simplicity of the moment: doing skateboard, designing his own magazine – JB (Just Breathe),15年前からベルリンに住んでいるヤンヌ・グラボウスキーは、どうやって日々の何気ない瞬間を楽しめばいいかを知り尽くしている。スケートボード、彼の雑誌「JB (Just Breath) 」のデザイン

  • c.neeon


    front: Clara Leskovar, back: Doreen Schulz

    c.neeonはベルリンを拠点に活躍するテキスタイルデザイナーのクララ・レスコバとファッションデザイナーのドレーン・シュルツのファッションブランド。c.neeon is the name of a berlin based fashion brand duo of a textile designer Clara Leskovar and a fashion designer Doreen Schulz.



    Xoooox, 2008. Courtesy of CircleCulture Gallery

    「X」「O」のタグとファッションマガジンから抜け出たようなポージングの女の子のイメージで、ベルリン市内のストリートを飾る「XOOOOX」。Xoooox is one of the remarkable participants of Urban Affairs, whose work style is recognized with his use of tags combining letters “X”s and “O”s and girl figures from magazine clips, which can be found on the street all around Berlin.

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