PEOPLEText: Seiichi Endo, Mitsuka Kimura

On the other hand, I added colors to “BLOOM” in 2016 because I had a desire to see and face each individual existence which has fine and complex nuance like folds of my emotion and senses.

BLOOM “Rei”, Yuco Maruo, 2013, 300 x 150 mm, Stone Clay and Mixed Media

I might have tried to search that color adds more slightly deeper originality as I check the senses by touching the surface of clay.

Today, I make pieces under a desire to see the only simple and real existence made by color and rhythm of countless “PULSE” such as gentleness, weakness, and interest, which appear from the inner side.


Do you have any future goals?

I’m not sure how media and the way of expression are going to change. But, I want to carefully face what I see at the moment and keep expressing it. I’m glad if I can find various discoveries and comfortableness, surprise, and pleasure, which I haven’t met yet, through the process and pieces.

I’m interested in making a large sculpture and picture book besides pieces which I can recognize their existence in my hands like “PULSE.” I really enjoy collaboration with other fields and media including music, sounds, space, food, jewelry, like “Wavering Garden” and “Jaminical Parramo.” So, I want to have more opportunities to experience something new.

Text: Seiichi Endo, Mitsuka Kimura
Translation: Hanae Kawai

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