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I could see almost all the performing arts, although it was shame that I missed acclaimed opera “The Magic Flute” (composed by W.A. Mozart) .

Compagnie DCA / Philippe Decouflé “CONTACT” Aichi Prefectural Arts Theater. Photo: Tatsuo Nambu

Performances were all wonderful but Japan premier, “CONTACT” by Compagnie DCA / Philippe Decouflé (France) and “MUSIC EXPANDED #1” by Takehisa Kosugi were particularly impressive. After seeing those, my friend told “I saw something very nice” and I heard people were saying “fantastic” and “it was cool because there was no feeling of festival at all”. I totally agreed those words.

Takehisa Kosugi “MUSIC EXPANDED #1” Aichi Prefectural Arts Theater. Photo: Kiyotoshi Takashima

Other than those, physical ability of Israel Galván (Spain), impressive Co. Yamada Un and so on… I can’t write all but everything made me think a lot of things.

Exhibition themed with spice and Haccho Miso by Ryoko Sekiguchi. [Rokku Site] Former Ishihara Family Residence

Okazaki Area had exhibition at Shibiko (department store), Rokku site, Okazaki Omote-ya, Kosei site, Shooji Temple. Works were ensemble with places (buildings) and site-specific there.

Animal Religion “Chicken Legz” Toyohashi Park(Toyohashi city)

Toyohashi Area had many exhibitions at old houses and old buildings. Especially a performance by Animal Religion (Spain) was pretty amazing. It was interesting that this experimental performance was held in front of historical Yoshida castle.

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