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HAPPENINGText: Jo Phirip

Professional curators of video, performance, and contemporary music have been trying various experiments in the Aichi Art center. Curator Haito is also a professional of Italian Renaissance art. Aichi Art center usually has varied programs but when it comes to Triennale, more rare programs were held.Education program is also so active and well organized that not only children but also adults can enjoy it.

View of experience art teaching toy. Aichi Art Center

Hands on equipment “Art Teaching Toy”, which was developed in 1942 by Victor D’Amico, the first director of the education department at the Museum of Modern Art in NY was at D’Amico room. It was made for children of that era but still now entertained men and women of all ages.

Many of lecture programs and workshops were all interesting and if I find something I missed on the list later, I couldn’t help being regret. I actually participated for 2 workshops.


One was creative craftsman project using digital technique “LOCUS FABER TSUKULOCCA”. Media artist, Yosuke Kawamura became the project leader and welcomed 3 artists: yang02+Ishige Kenta, Horio Kanta, and Kim Hoonida (South Korea). They held workshop themed with “movement”, “sound”, and “light”. Participants made works in the end and exhibited them at the Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art B2F Art Space X.

“Collective Asia: Occupy / Life / Humor”. View of workshop. [Choja-machi Site] Hotta Shoji Co. Building

Another one is “Collective Asia: Occupy / Life / Humor”. This was a workshop introducing collectives (groups of people engaging in artistic and cultural collaboration and social experimentation) in various cities throughout Asia held on every Wednesday. Blackboards which were increased every time and books made by those groups were exhibited.

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