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The other breathtaking painting, “Abstract Painting” (1962) by Ad Reinhardt, the real painting distributes the aura as viewers can change position and angle to savor the colour in depth red and blue which is hidden in all black for the first glance.

Willem De Kooning, “Pink Angel” (1945), Oil and charcoal on canvas. 1321 x 1016 mm. Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation, Los Angeles. © 2016 The Willem de Kooning Foundation / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York and DACS, London.

Visitors must feel like they just jump into an abstract expressionism wonderland of art history book into the next room. Willem De Kooning’s most well-love painting, “Pink Angel” (1945) and the 6 women series including “Women I” (1951-2) are generous displaced all together. It the only room reveals from painting the blurred between pure abstract and figure form which mixes with cubism, eroticism, and the religious symbolism.

Clyfford Still, “PH-950” (1950), Oil on canvas. 2337 x 1778 mm. Clyfford Still Museum, Denver © City and County of Denver / DACS 2016. Photo: © David Parry

After all the darkness, aggressive intensity, general melancholia, the brand new art power against to condense nothingness after 2 war worlds, there is a harmony, balance, brightness landscape abstract artist: Clyfford Still, Still’s monumental scale of artworks, such as blue “PH247” (1951), the black “PH1123” (1954), the yellow “PH-950” (1950) expresses human’s struggle, death and creation, which has the same theme as David Smith focus on human presence by creating mental sculptures, his works juxtaposition spread in different galleries with lighting and silhouette.

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