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Guillaume Salmon is PR for colette since 2002, enjoying to be in the middle of different culture and microcosms… From the west coast of France, he is a Parisian since ever and for ever for one reason, because Paris is Magic!!! He will be proud and glad to relate to the colette way of life and here, lists his favorite finds from colette month after month.

colette news June 14colette news June 14

Robert Montgomery
The Scottish poet and artist Robert Montgomery works in a markedly post-Situationist tradition, taking a philosophical slant on art, the artist, and the world in which they coexist. His poems, whether exhibited in monumental public light installations, set ablaze in fire performances, or dispersed through reclamations of public advertising space, simultaneously articulate, reprehend and celebrate modern life, explaining our situation in ways more poignant than we could have imagined. With Each x Other, we’ll also introduce limited editions art multiples and collaborations on clothes as wearable works of art.


Live for Now
Live for Now by Pepsi brings together six artists: Hattie Stewart, Jaz, Ricardo AKN, Zosen, Merijn Hos and Ever. Their illustrations are available in a capsule collection that includes several products: tee-shirts, jackets and swimwear by Original Penguin, B&O Play headphones by Bang & Olufsen, caps by Gents, tee-shirts and sweats by Goodlife, sneakers and slippers by Del Toro and even Shutskateboards.


Halfway between streetwear and ready-to-wear, OAMC has successfully modernized classic menswear pieces by combining functionality and design. Window display from June 23 with a launch of the jacket in limited edition of 10 copies for colette.


JM Weston x Charlie Casely-Hayford
JM Weston, French national treasure when it comes to shoes, joins the young British designer Charlie Casely-Hayford to revisit some of the iconic models of the house that has been based in Limoges since 1891. Combining English eccentricity and a sense of modernity, the collaboration inspired by the 30s is sure to please neo-dandies.


Martone Cycling
After a year in existence, Martone Cycling launches its second collection of chic urban bikes with an even more sophisticated finish, while keeping the same contemporary design. At colette you can find the color orange as an homage to St-Germain and blue for Chelsea, two neighborhoods where the brand’s designer, Lorenzo Martone, has lived.

Text: Guillaume Salmon from colette

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