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Guillaume Salmon is PR for colette since 2002, enjoying to be in the middle of different culture and microcosms… From the west coast of France, he is a Parisian since ever and for ever for one reason, because Paris is Magic!!! He will be proud and glad to relate to the colette way of life and here, lists his favorite finds from colette month after month.

colette news February 14

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, colette brought together 16 previouslyunreleased tracks lovingly made by 16 French artists. Check out our new compilation French Kiss in MP3 starting now (and on iTunes) and in CD form on the 14th. With an album cover created by Jean André.


Mikimoto x Hello Kitty
120 years ago, Kokichi Mikimoto created the first cultured pearl in the world. His quest for perfection and his love for these wonders that come from the sea are the basis for the creation of the maison Mikimoto, today the largest producer of cultured pearls and one of the world’s leading designers of fine jewelry. To celebrate this anniversary, the Japanese house is collaborating with our favorite mascot, Hello Kitty. The cat with the mythical bow is also celebrating her 40th anniversary this year. Gozaimasu!


Randolph is a supplier of glasses for the U.S. Air Force, and now the brand is supplying colette with glasses too. Starting now, you can find legendary, classic and timeless models such as the Aviator immortalized on screen by Robert De Niro (Taxi Driver), Leonardo DiCaprio (Catch Me If You Can), Robert Redford (Spy Game) or Jon Hamm (Don Draper, Mad Men).


David Bailey
One of the most famous British photographers, David Bailey, who began his career in the 60s capturing the essence of “Swinging London,” is today launching a series of t-shirts for men and women. For 50 years, he shot the greatest actors, musicians and models with his inimitable style. Now you can wear his portraits of Mick Jagger, Boy George, Michael Caine, Grace Jones, John Lennon or Johnny Depp.


La Coiffette
La Coiffette by JAO is a mesmerizing mystical mixture consisting of 17% essential oils than can be used from head to toe, a perfect synthesis of classic materia medica and modern science. It tames hair, moisturizes skin and lips and softens cuticles. La Coiffette is a BOMMADE, an ointment made for the body

Text: Guillaume Salmon from colette

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