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PEOPLEText: Ayako Ishii

Stevie Boi is Celeb Designer, whose designed eyewears can be seen both on and off stage of the fashion icons like Lady Gaga and Fergie. Since he started his career in 2009, his pop and funky design has become many artists’ favorite and made him the star of the times. SHIFT interviewed Stevie, about his passion for design, his latest collection, and his upcoming plans in Japan.

Stevie Boi
Photo: Michael Antonio

Please introduce yourself.

Hello! I am Stevie Boi Celeb Designer and mogul.

SB ibotz

Please tell us how did you start managing Eyewear/Clothing & Accessories?

In 2009 I started my company, I wanted to focus on accessories only because it was more affordable and easier to make. I wasn’t so sure how to work a sewing machine so I belted onto accessories as a-way to get me in the industry. Since then ivermectin sold over 15,000+ accessories.


Please tell us about the latest collection?

My latest collection is entitled “Coexist” It’s a luxury collection. Features visions of religion and culture. My focus with this collection is based upon my early childhood when I spent majority of the time overseas in London,Paris,Germany & Milan. I got to experience so much culture that I decided to infuse this collection with those visions I had as a minor.

Lady Gaga

Please describe in detail how you got featured by top musicians like Lady Gaga?
As a result, did it affect you with your production?

Wow! My first celeb I worked with was Eva Marcille Pigford from there I got to work with many other celebs. Tip remember checking my email and getting a request to design for her. From that moment I knew I was destined to expand. My production ranges at over 100 sales a day so it requires a lot of. Maintenance and pre planning, but it al Gets done.


Where does the inspiration come from when you create your unique design?

Many of my designs are created by me having limited materials. I’m a savage when it comes to design only because 1. I do not draw them 2. I’m a freestyler & 3. I like to be spontaneous!

SB Editorialz

Please tell us about your close friends. What kind of person do you like to hang out when you go out for meals and play together?

My biggest and best friend of them all is photographer extraordinaire Michael Antonio. He is a big brother and mentor for me. We do so much brainstorming for our careers as well as our lively hood.

SB Editorials

Please tell us about the city you live. Recently, was there anything particularly interesting?

I live in Baltimore city. Though it’s not the top five cities to live in, it’s not dead or poor. Very rich city that embraces culture and seafood. I love love love! The luxury of the seafood dining and atmosphere it gives. It’s a great place to create and relax.

SB New Yorkz

Please tell us your upcoming plans for the future?

I plan to tour in Japan soon. I. Currently doing Canada, Hawaii, Paris and London I’m so excited to come there. Also working on my next collection for fashion week(to debut in sept)

In Japan, where could you purchase the products?

You can purchase my products on
I just found out I will have more SBshades in Japan stores this summer. I’m extremely excited!

Text: Ayako Ishii

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