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Guillaume Salmon is PR for colette since more than 7 years, enjoying to be in the middle of different culture and microcosms… From the west coast of France, he is a Parisian since ever and for ever for one reason, because Paris is Magic!!! He will be proud and glad to relate to the colette way of life and here, lists his favorite finds from colette month after month.


The 10th volume of the series, which began almost 10 years ago, comes along now at the beginning of a new decade. A simple black and white sleeve for a very colorful world: on the first CD we find the selections of Michel Gaubert and Marie Branellec, 16 pieces that are not alike but which nevertheless complement each other and successively tell an intense and rich story in a convoluted manner, like an “exquisite corpse.” From Gary Numan to Caribou, Michael Nyman to Koudlam, without forgetting the new MGMT.
On CD2 Jamie XX the beat maker of The XX gives us his “carte blanche” mix, he is the third member of the group, who at just 18 years old has been able to give body and soul to songs from the trio’s first album by inventive production and arrangements. Also author of several remixes of a totally new crossover genre, and producing himself a music that blends dubstep and garage, his mix for colette is a reflection of his approach to Beatmaster production.

NO MAS is a New York brand created in 2004 that plays (and pulls some punches) with the codes of sport: logos, names, colors. NO MAS revisits, updates, and gives these things a new spirit ! And now, interesting new collaboration with Everlast and cult Muhammad Ali designs.

Parfums Honoré des Prés
Honoré des Prés launches its “New York Collection” by Olivia Giacobetti ! Organic Parisian fragrances, 100% natural, a real olfactory ode to New York with I Love carrots, Love Coco and Vamp in NY. These fragrance are presented in very exceptional way: “to go” cups.

Bumble & Bumble : Wear and Care
Wear and Care, advanced treatment for dry and sensitive hair! A breakthrough clinically proven with two ranges of targeted therapy that defy thirst and breakage. The Mending range is designed for hair that is really fragile, chemically treated, weakened by coloring, straightening or permanents. As for the Quenching range, it targets dry hair which either suffers from chronic dryness or from mechanical manipulation with auxiliary heaters, dryers, brushes and combs. Exclusively from April 19 !

colette Lunch Box
The colette Lunch Box is a tasty mix between a great healthy burger, good for you fresh vegetables, a really really delicious dessert and vitaminwater for energy and a smile. For your health, it is recommended to move more and eat healthy. This is true. But with the colette lunch box, we say “easy does it”! Because the #1 rule for good eating is to indulge yourself! If you think the same, we already love you, so come join us on Bon Appétit and see you soon! The lunch box is available at colette water-bar everyday from April 19th, but it can be also delivered in the 1st arrondissement.

Text: Guillaume Salmon from colette

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