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HAPPENINGText: Eduard Prats Molner

The typography panel is the first presentation at OFFF 2008. We are able to see excellent type design by Dino dos Santos (DSTYPE Foundry), who explains the process of creating type faces using the Multiple Master Technique. Feliciano Type Foundry follows with more type design and dynTypo finishes the presentation explaining their project and showing some work examples: “dynTypo is a collection of work and research by various designers, programmers and artists interested in the possibilities of dynamic and interactive typography in the multimedia arts scene”.

OFFF 2008
Roots – view of the left screen in the main conference hall

North Kingdom‘s presentation is cancelled and Erik Natzke is speaking instead. Erik talks about painting by numbers and how he uses particle systems and ribbons to create his artwork. As usual, Erik is a very communicative and excellent speaker. His presentation is very professional, visual and entertaining!

OFFF 2008
Chillax offers additional screens to follow the presentation

Random international is a London based collective who presents original and unique projects such as the pixel tape; the pixel roller, a paint roller for painting digital information; and some light-based painting experiments. Most of Random international work comes from the digital world but takes place in the physical one.

OFFF 2008
Audience in the additional lateral screens

Trafik is a Lyon based graphic design and media studio that joins typographers, graphic designers and software developers. During their presentation we are able to see their outstanding work, mostly focused on installations. One of the most attractive things in Trafik’swork is to see it in motion. Thanks to C-based software development, Trafik achieves to have lots of graphics moving flawlessly on screen. A visit to their Apple profile will perfectly introduce Trafik to anyone interested.

OFFF 2008
Cinexin – projection’s room of the festival

All of us is a London based interactive design consultancy focused on developing interactive strategies for all kind of projects. They explain to the audience that they decided to stop working for big agencies, to slowly move into smaller and more engaging projects where to work in very different conditions. We have the chance to see two interesting educative projects they developed for the Science Museum. One of them is as a game controlled by a bicycle with a big Einstein’s head on top of it. The user can go inside Einstein’s head to metaphorically navigate through his thoughts while pedaling.

All of us bring their conference to the end by talking about inspiration. They feel inspired by the amazing product design work of Naoto Fukasawa and they believe next generations of kids are going to do awesome things since they naturally understand and grew up with technology and its interfaces.

OFFF 2008
Joshua Davis and the Random Assistant

Since it is not possible to assist to all conferences and have a look at other stuff, I decide not to assist to one of the big name’s conferences this year (I have seen him speaking many times). Joshua Davis has been much better reviewed by Régine Debatty anyways. Joshua’s installation “Random Assistant” in OFFF has achieved a lot of participation.

OFFF 2008
Absolut Vodka by Psyop

Psyop, an animation and design studio based in New York, give us an insight into their creative and production processes in motion graphics projects such as Absolut Vodka, Adidas Olympics and Coca-Cola.

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