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HAPPENINGText: Ayako Yamamoto, Kenichiro Taniguchi

Illustrative 07 has been holding at Berlin. This year is the second time and it has already decided that sister event will be holding at Paris from November 2007. It is expected that this event will be seen many people more and more. At the main hall we can see more than 200 works of contemporary works which are made by the pioneer artists in illustration and graphic fields. Besides, there will be lectures and performances by those artists every single day.


The first day of the event on August 31st, I have visited at Villa Elisabeth where the event place located. The illustration with the light emitting diodes was held at counter yard made me even excited for the event. It almost seemed the view of a yard which has lighting bugs at the same distances.


I was finally able to get into the event place, no matter how the line to the entrance was long. The main hall on the ground floor was illuminated with multi color light and seemed like some club. I was almost wondering if there is the right place to come.


After going through the small door at the side, the exhibition has been launched at last. I saw many 2D and flamed works, there were few of 3D which used up the space than I expected for ordinal art events. It was actually good and new to us since we could enjoy each works.

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