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Photography and engineering 1846-2006

Thomas Weinberger
“Cracker”, Esso Raffinerie 2003© Thomas Weinberger

Ingenium is a photo exhibition. In it, Bozar sshows 345 photographs, from 164 different photographers from all over the world – we noticed quite a few recent works from Australia. The main subject is broad: ‘Ingenium’ or ‘human ingenuity’ – in it, you recognize the word ‘genius’.

Richard Woldendorp
Car cemetery at Sims Metal, Perth Industrial Area, for recycling, Western Australia 1991
© Richard Woldendorp

The pictures were split in four categories: earth, water, fire and air. You must imagine the photographic pieces of art dealing with balloons, airplanes, railroads, mining, forest fires, lightning, bridges, cars, flooding, earthquakes, space travel, skyscrapers and so on.

Edward Burtynsky
Shipbreaking #42, Chittagong, Bangladesh 2001 © Edward Burtynsky

There are without a doubt numerous reporters that can give an artistic interpretation of this exhibition. However, it really is just a bunch of nice pictures. They are worth visiting, if you ask us.

The normal entrance fee is 7 euro, although students, elderly people, the unemployed, teachers etc. can get reductions. We got free entrance thanks to AmuseeVous, and our expensive Rock Werchter ticket.

Ingenium. Photography and engineering 1846-2006
Dates: 6th July – 9th September 2007
Times: 10:00 – 18:00
Place: Bozar, Centre for Fine Arts
Address: Rue Ravensteinstraat 23, 1000 Brussels
Info & Tickets: 02 507 82 00
Nocturne : each Thursday open untill 21:00
Mondays by appointment for groups of 150 or more
Guided Tours for individuals on Sundays 13:30 (EN), 15:00 (NL), 15:30 (FR)

Text: Filip De Haes

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