HAPPENINGText: Futakawa Yoshitaka

Ochiai already had the original bill of the artist who called for participation. Contacting began immediately and five artists were finally approve for participation through severe conditions. They were MATZU-MTP, Himaa, Mustone, Tadaomi Shibuya, and Hiroki Tsukuda.

They all acts in Tokyo exluding MATZU who is based in Brooklyn. When looking at each style, one might be able to see how the work pursues the theme from various angles. The preparation continued without forgetting such a desire.

“I’m satisfied very much this time because ‘IN YOU’ exhibit in which the work of a wonderful Japanese artist gathered in the gallery of NY was held. It is recently very easy to see images all over the world through the Internet and magazines. I think that it is very real and pungent to experience an actual original picture in person. Hereafter, I want to support it so that a young Japanese artist may announce their work all over the world , and the chance to touch may increase.” Ochiai tells.

The installation ended safely. Ten works hang on a big, white wall respectively in a relaxed manner contrasting with the last show which exhibited more than 100 works. Let’s wait expectantly to see what does begin to arise on this occasion, shall we?

In You Exhibition
Date: May 25th – June 11th, 2006
Place: Riviera
Address: Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York, NY

Text: Futakawa Yoshitaka
Photos: Futakawa Yoshitaka

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