FIAC 2005


The 32nd edition of the FIAC opened on Wednesday October 5th and closed on Monday October 10th.
I was invited by Eric Dupont Gallery at the professional day, so thank you Eric, and thank you Sarah (his beautiful assistant).
The FIAC is an art fair, so here is the quantified assessment :
220 galleries from 26 countries were represented (115 foreign galleries and 105 french galleries). Almost a quarter of the participating galleries were new exhibitors (53 galleries). Over 500 international artists were present at FIAC, and more than 2500 journalists received an accreditation. A third of them from the international media (journalists from 49 countries covered FIAC).

83 000 visitors came during the 5 days, and 2647 visitors were collectors or art world professionals. 37% of visitors indicated that they were visiting FIAC for the first time. The average length of their visit was 6 hours.Collectors and art world professionals spent an average of one and a half days at the FIAC.
This edition was also marked by FIAC’s presence in the Grand Palais, making it the first fair to return to the Grand Palais since the building was reopened in late September. Several thousand visitors attended the four evening events organized by FIAC in this historic site.

The overall volume of transactions is considered to be extremely positive by the vast majority of exhibitors, French and international alike, with a marked increase in sales with regard to previous years.
Among the sales reported by Galerie de France (Paris), a work by Zhang Xia Gong was sold to a private collector for 200.000 euros and a sculpture by Martial Raysse was acquired by a corporate collection for 230.000 euros. Galerie Henze & Ketterer (Wichtrach/Bern) reported overall sales figures totalling 2.400.000 euros. Galerie Art & Public (Geneva) sold 1000 red monochromes painted in China and presented by the Swiss artist Raphael Julliard.

More than 5000 guests from the art, fashion and media were at the FIAC’s inaugural party on Wednesday October 5th. Normal when you know that it was an open-bar !
Personnaly I felt in love at least ten times during my visit (2 times with some artworks). And I can say that the fringe is very trendy this year. The most important is that I saw during the FIAC : Amira Casar, Jane Fonda, Christian Lacroix, Sophie Marceau, Hedi Slimane, Sharon Stone and Beyonce !

To conclude quickly, here is a quotation of Claude Closky (winner of the Marcel Duchamp prize, during the FIAC) : “I see two ways of creating a critical distance with the models that govern our daily lives: to oppose them with a new discourse in order to contradict them, or to follow their logic and drive it to absurdity. As an artist, I can choose the second method. I do not want to expound learned theories on society or the media.”

FIAC 2005
Date: 5th – 10th October, 2005
Place: Paris Expo-Porte de Versailles

Text and Photos: Vincent Vella from Batofar

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