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In the age of the new economy where design excellence is pursued, the new generations of designers are regarded as the hope of the new design age. New blood join the movement to innovate and create.

This is ours… The graduation show of local arts school Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) puts on display the works of almost three hundred students. Designs fields range from the fine art, interior design, multi-media design to visual communication.

Housed in their brand new campus off Bencoolen Street, previous NAFA graduation shows were housed in shopping malls or in different campuses. This new location creates a new platform for these budding designers and their future employers. Graduation shows have always been an ideal opportunity for exposure. This is ours… was no exception going by the number of name cards spotted being exchanged.

Singapore trained designers have indeed come a long way. With a focus on the arts and its cultivation, we see rivalry from the different art schools and the motivation to beat the benchmark. This is ours… displays more depth in thought and skill in execution.

Stylish and production/user-friendly packaging design encompassing the equilibrium of meeting commercial marketing needs with artistic expression. This produces a lethal combination of aesthetics, ergonomics with marketing. Posters that provoke and give thought. Not just conveying a message, but rather create one.

This year’s show has a strong presence of foreign students. The incorporation of different languages, the reflection of differing cultures. The change in outlook and values are all placed for comparison. Perhaps it is only through such interaction and display between minds that Singapore is able to grow more artistically. For a nation with such short history, perhaps it is only through this that it can truly become ours.

NAFA School of Visual Arts Graduation Show 2004
This is ours…

Date: May 15th – 23th, 2004
Place: NAFA 1 Headquarters & School of Visual Arts Building
Address: 80 Bencoolen Street, Singapore 189655
Organized by Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

Text: Fann ZJ
Photos: Fann ZJ

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