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Some day, the four longtime-graffity-artists Daim, Daddy Cool, Tasek and Stohead founded the “Getting Up“-collective. Apart from spraying onto canvases they also organise exhibitions, plan wall-paintings and design websites there. Urban Discipline is the name of thier annual graffity-art exhibition which took place for the third time this year. It was located in the building of the “Astra”-brewery in St. Pauli, Hamburgs amusement district near the harbour.

34 artists from all over the world took part and presented a wide range of graffity art from sprayed canvases over wall paintings to installations and sculptures, from written words over futuristic sceneries to characters and abstract stuff.

Above you see the graphics of Toast. The shapes of his futuristic three-dimensional objects are based on letters. Give it a try, you will find the letters of his name in the objects!

These painting were done by Daim. They were sprayed onto canvas, what makes the 3d-letters look very soft. He has a very harmonic sense for the use of color and the color splashes on top of the painting add dynamic motion to the painting.

He also does fotos of details of his paintings. They offer a different view on aspects like the structure of the paintings ground.

Here you see a different style of sprayed letters. The left picture is called “Cool In The Mirror”. Daddy Cool told me, that it was a mirrored version of the word “cool” and the green object on the lower right side is a mirrored “c”.

He likes to paint typography because he regards it as the essence of graffiti. “It can say everything for the ones that can read it and at the same time nothing for outsiders.” He hates to explain and spell the writing to people because he doesn’t like a superficial approach to the work. He’s mostly interested in the color-composition, the innovation, the inspirations, the uniqueness of the artists personal style and the technique. With his own style, he want’s to go as far as possible to explore his own world.
“At the moment I like to tell about myself. On one hand I am calm and contemplative, on the other hand I am determined and straight-lined. This is what my paintings show.”

“To develop an original style with a strong recognizability is the aim of most of the graffiti artists” Daddy Cool says. “Sprayers are often bothered with one word: the pseudonym. By and by the artists try to perfectionise it, add elements, leave elements out. For some of them a writing is perfect when she/he is the only one that can read it.”

Daddy Cool is one of the originators of the Urban Discipline exhibition and he is very interested in doing exhibitions around the world. Please contact him if you are involved in exhibitions somehow!

Another favourite is Banksy. He uses pepared stencils for his graffiti work. It seems to be a perfect way to spead his ideas over the city. I like his motives very much – they are strong, provocative and original. For the exhibition he threw a lot of red color on the floor and walls, that looked like blood. On it he drew white outlines of dead bodies – one decorated with a swastika (very provocative in germany because of the nazi-times) and one with a nike swoosh.
Very funny is this writing on a cow!

“A Logo As A Name” says everything about Oliver Staks graffiti-art. He exchanged the writing of his name with the idea of using a logo instead.

The technically most inpressive work was done by Zedz. These silk-screen printings (top) on canvas have very intensive colors you would never reach in ordinary printing combined with the precision and clean perfectionism of computergraphics. His writing seems to be inspired by east-asion writing and package-design.

This is a painting by Saek. Most of his paintings show futuristic and organic looking objects that look like a mixure between space-stations or -crafts and insects. His style looks like drawing with spraycans because he uses a lot of (thinner) lines on top of the basic objects.

The following pictures were done by a group called Viagrafik. They are all students and like Zedz, they work a lot with the combination of computer-graphics and silk-screen printing in the colors black, red and silver.

Urban Discipline 2002
Date : from June 26th to July 2nd, 2002
Place : Astra-Hallen, Bavaria St. Pauli Brauerei
Address : Bernhard-Nocht-Strase, 20359 Hamburg, Germany

Text and Photos: Andrew Sinn from Deco-Vision

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