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HAPPENINGText: Jerome Lacote

Today, I would like speak about politic.

The 21st April was the last day of the Numer.02 event but it was also the first turn of presidential election. The first turn is used to determine the two most popular personalities. This election’s result was particular because one of the two challenger was Jean-Marie Lepen. This persons is know for his racist ideas, his anti-democratism, he is the leader of a nationalist and extremist league.

This situation happens for four main reasons:
– A low increase of extremism vote.
– An important refrainment.
– A vote’s scattering between lot of small candidates (ecologists, communists… etc)
– The media’s disinformation, media let thinks to people that extremist was feeble and so it wasn’t important to vote.

Lot of french are shocked because Lepen could be a real danger for democracy (like it happened in Italy with Berlusconni and in Austria).

So, french people are gathered to manifest their anger: students manifest in the street, and lot of people lead various actions. If extremists are able to success in the next elections, it was also a disaster for new creation and for the exchange freedom (like the freedom I enjoy to express my ideas in Shift).

So, graphic designer are also concerned and they manifest them by graphics. It’s the Agent Graphique‘s situation and many others: Liberation and Nolepen.

Text: Jerome Lacote
Photos: Jerome Lacote

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