Now on your left, the music-tree is displayed in the plexi glass frame. The rough handwriting in white ink on a black paper is nothing new from a distance. I found this music-tree when I was hanging out in the Shibuya area couple years ago, trying to explain the “Shibuya-kei” sound from various terms.

What that was for is far beyond my memory now but I still remember that the tree was cleverly well done. Revealing the roots of the sound is always a sacred experience and here Brass Band and Acid House are mixed into one map. As different as they may seem, two comes from the same social hierarchy, ‘working class’. Former is favored by old school guys and latter is practiced by raver kids. And these two in Deller’s mastermind does effect each other. Deller himself produced and performed in this 1997 musical CD project “Acid Brass”.

Then you’ll be lead to this triangle space, where his piece Most of the time artist end up under-using. This second unit is at the very end of the building and this extreme shape is certainly a hard ingredients to cook. Deller’s solution was to turn the entire room into a piece. The resin letters “I ♥ Melancholy” floats in middle of the black wall. other two walls are kept white and the florecent light is way harsh on your eyes. It’s so bright that once you stepping into the room turns out to be quite a trip.

Black dimension is so calm and tightens up the glaring space. You can peek in from the half open door, place yourself in the middle of the room, or be up close to the clear coated lettering. There’s no right way to do it which gives the space a sense of infinity while this piece is dead stuck in this room. The simple font is somewhat adding the warmth to this depressing word. This was originally designed for agnies b. (French Designer)’s T-shirt. In the other room, I came across the essay “Melancholy” randomly placed on the table, as if to speak for the other
speechless space.

Jeremy Deller “I Love Melancholy”
Date: January 11th – February 9th, 2002
Address: 9052 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, USA
Tel: +1 310 281 2691

Text: Aya Muto
Photos: Aya Muto

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