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In August, Paris gets empty and electronic activity isn’t very intense.

While everyone is getting tanned on Ibiza or Saint Tropez, I am going to talk about an artist who is wrongfully ignored. This artist my not really be described as contemporary and he never made use of digital utilities. Nevertheless I do believe that his work may serve as a source of learning for contemporary creators . This artist is Paul Rebeyrolle. He was born in 1926 and his first exhibitions took place in the 50s. On the french countryside a museum is dedicated to him.

I think that his style is very close to that of Jackson Pollock and Robert Rauschenberg even though he is an exclusively figurative practitioner. To me, he is more interesting than the two famous references because he knew, besides the formal innovation, how to go to the limits of painting in order to express himself. Actually, instead of making a "style", he knew how to create works of art, which are strong and striking whilst serving his political opinions as well as his ecological conscience.

These images are composed of paint but also of earth, iron and other unusual materials. This hybrid mix between painting and sculpture creates images which show the 3D ,the movement. I think that his work & quot; multimedia" is of interest to digital artists as it shows how someone in another framework was able to explore and experiment with his medium by creating rich and expressive images , which are not only of the & quot; aimless" style. Maybe this is a very european and especially french attitude but I would like to invite you, in case you should travel through the centre of France, to visit L’Espace Rebeyrolle.

L’Espace Rebeyrolle
Address: Route de Nedde 87120 Eymoutiers France
Tel: (33) 5 55 69 58 88

Text: Jerome Lacote from 6um

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