HAPPENINGText: Karl and Yasmeen

We saw the poster for the exhibition weeks before we actually managed go their, and it is just around the corner from our place. The delicate graphics from the poster and in the space of the exhibition is successfully seducing, but yet so simple. Forms, type and colour combination flow throughout the spaces.

The Making Buildings exhibition reveals the distance of the relationship between the architect’s visionary ideas and the skills of handy craftspeople. The process of making a building and the approach of designing a building. A relationship between materials, techniques, design, but foremost communication.

Tono Mirai, NEST, Photo: Joanna Scott

The featured work from sixteen exhibitors brings together disciplines, collaborations and experiments. Showcasing installations, hands on processes, possibilities, environments, innovations, potentials, creativity, diversity, traditions, cutting edge etc.

Mark Prizeman, Architectural Association, Photo: Joanna Scott

What is interesting with the majority of the works in the exhibition is the craftsmanship. The quality of something being made by the human hand caught us by surprise. The hands on process gives the pieces its most single uniqueness and originality, that there is only one example of it in the whole world.

Simon Conder Associates, Photo: Joanna Scott

The Crafts Council building is interesting, of course its exhibitions, but also with its events, workshops and competitions, so it is worth wile checking out their future programme at their web site. Though only the shop and the cafe is worth the visit.

Air Architecture, Architectural Glass Centre, Simon Conder Associates, Cowley Structural Timberwork Ltd, Edward Cullinan Architects, Tony Eastman, The Walter Segal Self Build Trust, Material, Tono Mirai, Jim Partridge, John Pawson, Ushida Findlay Architects, Sarah Wigglesworth Architects, Woolf Architects and work from the Architectural Association with Mark Priezman.

Making Buildings Exhibition
Date: April 12th – June 17th, 2001
Place: Crafts Council Gallery
Address: 44a Pentonville Road, Islington, London N1 9BY
Tel: +44 (0)20 7278 7700

Text: Karl and Yasmeen
Photos: Joanna Scott

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