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As the communication via computer has permeated through our everyday lives, designs with interactivity become more indispensable. Though it’s permeated deeply as an essential thing, there is one question whether a new form of design which has both easiness of use as an interface and artistic beauty can emerge. This question might be because those who are in actual scene of interactive design started feeling if the interactive design could be established as a certain genre. In such situation, an international conference where innovative creators and designers themselves tried to solve this question was held in Paris, a place still remained a conservative atmosphere for digital creative scene. At an auditorium of art school converted from a palace, more than 300 young designers get together and joined in the two-days presentation and debate.

At the beginning of December in Paris, it was rather warm to be slightly sweaty in under a coat and gloomy even in the daytime because of the occasional rains. At the art school “Ecole Nationale Superieure Des Beaux-Arts” located on the left bank of the Seine. The conference “Numer.00” was held at a corner of this place formed by numbers of stone-built buildings fomer a palace. At the same time in Paris, a biennial international symposium ‘ISEA‘ which pursues the possibility between electronic technology and art was being held, and one of the corner of the ‘palace’ became the place to showcase numbers of electronic arts for ISEA.


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