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For some past few years, the market for animation/figure, regarded as Otaku-culture is expanding to anti-Otaku people. This maybe created by Takashi Murakami who goes ahead with the fusion of Otaku and Art, ‘Ghost in the shell’ attracted the world’s attention to Japanese animation, the fusion of techno and animation by Ken Ishii and Studio4.C, and the movement of Evangerion crossing the genres.
Wonder Festival” is the garage kit festival held twice in Summer and Winter every year, and also the ultimate event of Otaku-culture. The number of mobilization is increasing every time and this year we could have a glimpse of the fragment of mature culture scene. It’s a hot event about 300 people throng on Big Sight in Ariake, Tokyo, an extraordinary long line continued to the entrance since early in the morning.

This year’s Wonder Festival featured GAMERA3. The contents is rich and varied, a model of gigantic GAMERA, a competition for molding GAMERA, a forceful preview of GAMERA3, a talk show, etc.

Takashi Murakami who tried to fuse Otaku and Art in the last Winter Wonder Festival hold the event ‘S.M.PK02.sexaroid revolution’ (2 means square). This theme is ‘Girl transforms into Airplane’ and it refers to the sexuality in Otaku culture.

The coloring action figures have increased radically after Evangerion in Japan. Under the happy circumstances for toys manias, the host of this festival ‘KAIYODO‘ devoted their know-how as a pioneer of garage kits and expressed ‘Xebec Toys’, attracted the audiences’ attention.

Left: The cosplay of the machine in Macross, Valkyrie (Roy Fokker version). Of course a man is inside. Right: Valkyrie transformed into Gerwalk. It’s not possible to transform by himself. It took three people to do that.

Talking of Wonder Festival, Cosplay (costume players) is very popular. Especially the completely transformed Valkyrie attracted the attention this time. It’s completely transformed in cosplay. It took three people to transform into Gerwalk.

Left: A cat (I don’t know the name), character of Wonder Festival surrounded by Wonda-chan, the mascot characters as well and a cosplayer of Sakura. Center: Haneys of Fighting Vipers (SEGA). Right: To Hart.

The current cosplay girls have high levels. They’re cute and also sexy.

Besides, at the section of dolls (playing dress-up dolls, etc), there’re lots of original clothes for dolls from sexy lingeries to sober dresses. Ko-gal Jenny was really mede well.

The next time will be held on the 8 of August. This festival like a paradise for manias. Thirty thousand Otakus will gather again in Summer!

Text and Photo: Chibashi From C*2

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