© Skabelonloftet

© Skabelonloftet

In most cities, you will usually find the most exciting creative communities gathering in deserted urban areas and in Copenhagen this are no different. For many years Refshaleøen or The Refshale Island in Copenhagen harborたいていの街では、最高にわくわくするようなクリエイティブなコミュニティは都会のさびれたエリアで見つけるのが普通だろう。コペンハーゲンも、例外ではない。1872年から1996年までは世界的に有名なバーマイスター&ウェイン造船所のかつての拠点でもあったコペンハーゲン港のあるラフスヘーレウーウン、もとい、ラフスヘーレ島は長年の間多くの創作活動にとっての隠れたワークスペースであり続けてきた。しかし、新しいアマスレストランやロイヤルシアターワークショップのオープンと共に、このエリアは最近水上バスのルートが開通して街とつながり、冒険的な人たちがこの都市部建築のユニークな部分を探検できるよう開かれてきているのだ。



住所:Refshalevej 171A, 1432 Copenhagen

Text: Louise Brandstrup Zastrow
Translation: Akari Otomo
– also the former home of the world famous Burmeister & Wain shipyard from 1872 to 1996 – has been the secret home and workplace of many creatives. However with the recent opening of the Amass Restaurant and the Royal Theater workshops, the area has recently been re-connected to the city with a harbour bus route allowing curious souls to explore this unique piece of urban architecture.

The loft is an old industrial Shipyard Loft, more than 100 years old with a spectacular view over the ocean and to the entrance of the harbor, central Copenhagen, The Little Mermaid, The Queens Palace and on a sunny day to Sweden. It is located on Refshaleøen or The Refshale Island in Copenhagen harbor – the former home of the world famous Burmeister & Wain shipyard. This 1400 ㎡ studio is a shared office and workshop community that consists 18 studios shared among 58 creatives – architects, artists, industrial designers, graphic designers, interior designers, painters, filmmakers, photographers, communication strategists etc. The space also houses a gallery, Yard CPH that features up’n coming designers and artists.

The unique location and architecture of the loft gives perfect opportunities to find inspiration and experience contemporary Danish art, culture and urban development. This is also why the loft is often used for corporate events and photo sessions for fashion or lifestyle magazines.

Address: Refshalevej 171A, 1432 Copenhagen
Opening Hours: most days, by appointment with Yard CPH or one of the designers/creatives.

Text: Louise Brandstrup Zastrow

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