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Gallery Brethvad opened in 2004 on the lovely street of Store Kongensgade in the centre of Copenhagen. The owner, and artist, Pernille Brethvad was educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and since 1991 has always maintained2004年にオープンしたギャラリー・ブレスバッドは、コペンハーゲンの中心部のアート通りでもあるストア・コンゲンスゲーデ通りに位置している。アーティストでもあるオーナーはデンマーク王立芸術アカデミーで学んだペルニール・ブレスバッド。1991年以降、ヨーロッパの他の国々でも展示を行いながらこの地域でギャラリーの運営を続けてきた。この小さなギャラリーで展示されている全ての彫刻は、官能的で、活力とユーモアを通して、見る人の心に触れる作品を目指す彼女の作品だ。




Gallery Brethvad
住所:St. Kongensgade 58, 1264 Copenhagen
TEL:+45 3333 7204

Text: Mike Sullivan
a gallery in this same area as well as exhibited in other European countries. All of the sculptures in this beautiful little gallery have been made by Pernille who has the artistic aim of touching the heart through sensuality, vigour and humour.

This area of Copenhagen is popular for designer shops and galleries; it is not far from some of the more tourist areas of the city such as the Rosenborg Palace Garden. In addition nearby it is possible to also visit Gallery Jules Julian, Storm fashion shop and Gallery Asbaek. The Inside of the gallery is simply decorated, but brightly lit with many pieces of art displayed on its own pedestal. Between the layout of the sculptures, and little touches such as rugs on the floor, there is a real atmosphere that this gallery is more like someone’s personal and beautiful home.

Many of the sculptures are unique and frequently there is a new one to be seen. Each one has been burnt as stoneware, raku or cast in bronze. For stoneware this means heating a gas oven to over 2,500 degrees and then reducing the temperature, this process makes a sculpture strong and weather resistant. Raku is named after the Chinese character “Raku” which is also a firing technique over 1000 years old, the sculpture is taken out of an oven of a temperature of approximately 2000 degrees and placed in a container full of sawdust. The lid is then closed so that the sawdust burns itself into the glaze which at the same time undergoes a number of changes.

It is a great gallery in the centre of Copenhagen, the sculptures are incredible to view and really impart the artist’s feelings. For anyone who truly loves art, and sculptures in particular, it is recommendable to visit Gallery Brethvad.

Gallery Brethvad
Address: St. Kongensgade 58, 1264 Copenhagen
Opening Hours: 11:15 – 17:45 (Saturday 11:00 – 15:00)
Closed on Sunday
Tel: +45 3333 7204

Text: Mike Sullivan

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